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Why learning software testing is good for your career

Testing is generally verifying the product or service as per the requirement set and also analyzing it from point of view of the end customer.

Today everyone is going digital and there has been a competition that is growing for developing products and providing services online. With the booming of companies too, there are lot of options for software product and services. Software is very much in demand and if you know automation, then you can be the favourite of the company that have hired.

Here are few reasons why learning software testing is good for your career

A good salary

There is a myth that S/W Testers are paid less as compared to the developers in the field. But the truth is as a fresher, the tester or developer, both are paid the same. Companies give salary hikes depending upon a person’s performance and as per the designations.

Entry is easy in the IT field

When you are proficient in software testing tools and has a science background or are from any stream of engineering, the entry in the IT field is easy.

Easy switch from development to testing

If you are not excited to be in development and find coding not exciting then you can switch to software testing. When you know how to develop an application that would also mean that you know how to verify it for its correctness.

It’s easy to learn testing tools

The best thing about learning testing tools is that even if you do not have any IT experience and are willing to learn, you will be able to learn automation tools from a software training institute. These tools are not only easy to learn but once you are thorough with them, you can easily use for any application.

A career shift is easy

It becomes pretty easy for you to switch from testing/QA to any other field, especially a career as business analyst. A career in Business Analyst is highly rewarding.

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