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Gone are times when Hyderabad was referred as the city of pearls. Today, it is the land of engineers, techies and tech entrepreneurs and yet, there is a dearth in the number of quality tech institutions in the city. The few good ones, are all clustered towards one part of the city, ignoring the existence of aspiring tech guys in the other parts of the city. As a result, the Zuckerbergs of tomorrow are currently, either wasting long hours of their valuable time commuting to the institute or dropping the idea of being a tech wizard and proceeding towards attaining a regular human job. Listening to the plea of thousands of such students, we have set up Lasya Infotech at the epicentre of engineering colleges- Kompally. We aim to bring quality education closer to all of you, one area at a time. With the best faculty and world-class amenities, Lasya Infotech is the best IT/Software Training Institutes in Hyderabad, here to nurture the brightest minds, be the best they can be.


Learn from the best mentors who have contemplated one of the finest and world class curriculum, tailor-made just for young and dynamic students, which is monitored by Lasya Infotech in collaboration with industry experts.


Lasya Infotech offers all that is crucial to become experts in every domain that the students opt for. With this consistent effort we ensure that the students receive practical training of the courses that will help them develop industry-ready skills, which is very vital and also gives them an edge over others to get good jobs in the best MNC’s.


We help technology students getting placed in some of the best companies in technology sector. Few of the big names in the in the IT sector perceives Lasya Infotech students for their technical prowess and ability to execute tasks with absolute efficiency.


In today’s competitive world we recognise the significance of every corporate company. We enhance the productivity and competence of corporates through their employee’s professional development. Our solution will implement the right business objectives like identifying, customising and developing.


Our goal at Lasya Infotech is to bring together the brightest minds with global expertise and the aspiring students in the most cost-effective manner. With a solid network of mentors from all over India, we constantly strive hard to minimise the cost of training borne by the student.

Innovative Approach

What separates us from the conventional coaching centres, is our teaching approach. Our faculty believes in actions over words. Don’t expect heavy monologues from our lecturers, rather get ready to crunch some codes on the computer.

On The Job Training

Volumes of knowledge is no good, when not aware how to put into use and practically. We understand just that and have introduced a model, whereby every student, is offered an internship with top companies, to know how it works in the live environment.

Wide Range of Courses

From mastering Python to Hadoop to Java, we got all your tech cravings covered. At Lasya Infotech, we have assembled the strongest faculty, from all walks of technology, to train the leader of tomorrow. We offer over 20 courses, which are in-demand.

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